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      LK-ESV236 Electric fans, Smoke Ejectors,Ventilation fans, PPV blowers

    LK-ESV236 is high performance fan with Motor driven fan and quickly remove smoke and provide clear visiblity for fire fighter and rescue forces.

    The angle setting can be adjusted in a generous range between -10 to +20 ,in an emergency,the LK-ESV236 fan can be deployed in a matter of seconds:simply fold up the handle and drag to the scene of the emergency.

    LK-ESV236 fans are widely used in variety of places ,indispensable,especially in complex buildings or in case of extreme smoke formation.

    LK-ESV236 Electric Driven Ventilator fan Technical Specification

    Open air flow: 40 750 m3/h
    Weight: 41 kg
    Dimensions L x H x P: 550 x 550 x 490 mm
    Propeller diameter: 420 mm
    Engine: 2.2 kW with variable speed drive C IP55
    Power supply: Single phase - 230V 50/60Hz C IP55
    Power consumption in steady operation: 16,5 A
    Mains plug: CE male plug C 220 V
    Noise level: 85,3 dB at 3 m
    Application: Single door C houses, small apartment blocks

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