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      LK-Line Thrower C

    LK-Line thrower C


    Main Material :Aluminum alloy
           Hauling Cable:dia 4 mm;250m
           Conservative Distrances:with line projectile 200m,with sling projectile 160m
           Launch/cylinder:6 time
           Net weight:8kg
    1.Pressure-air working pressure£º70bar.Weight :Approx. 8KG, Projectile:1.8KG.
    2.Conservative Distances: with Sling projectile using for overwater ,it will reach to 100-190M;
    With line projectile using for land,it will reach to 200-250M.
    3.line projectile size: ¡é3mm¡Á270M ,Pull ¡Ý2000N.
    4.Recoil¡Ü5400N,fly time:Approx.3-8s.
    5.The inflatable sling is fitted with a water ¨Cactivated device that inflates the sling automatically on contact with water. Buoyancy¡Ý8KGS.
    6.Packing with bag,it is easy for carrying . allocate tiltmeter(to control the Emission Angle and improve the ejection precision).Using the carbon fiber gas cylinder,the characteristic is light and high pressure resistant. To change the inflatable sling projectile is very easy.

    Line thrower c

    LION KING Line thrower model C

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